OptiCore® LED Bulbs

Opticore LED

Better Technology. Better Color. Better Bulbs.

Customers are in love with our newest LED technology, and it's not hard to see why! Opticore LED bulbs feature new SMD LEDs (think flat panel tv technology) to provide consistent illumination from the base of the bulb to the tip and produce brighter more vivid light output. Not only are these bulbs more visually stunning than traditional LEDs, they're stronger too! In fact, their polycarbonate lenses are 200 times stronger than glass which means these bulbs are built to last! Opticore LED bulbs are available in beautiful diamond faceted designs which create a stunning light pattern when hung against hard surfaces and add elegance to light displays both indoors and out. Smooth bulb lenses are also available to mimic the look of traditional incandescent Christmas lights. Smooth Opticore LEDs are the ultimate vintage Christmas light bulb evoking a feeling of nostalgia when wrapped around Christmas trees or lining walkways and driveways. Choose from a variety of rich colors and popular theme combinations to create your most stunning light display yet!