C7 / C9 Christmas Lights

C7 / C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

Advantages in buying bulbs and strings separately
  • Higher diode count in LED bulbs
  • Triple dipped incandescent bulbs
  • Nickel bases prevent corrosion
  • Custom light color themes

C7 C9 Christmas Light Sets

  • Replaceable incandescent bulbs
  • LED bulbs permanently fused in sockets
  • ENERGY STAR LED light strings
  • Ready to plug and go

C7 / C9 Christmas Light Strings

  • SPT1: for LED or shorter C7 incandescent runs
  • SPT2: best for worry-free light planning
  • SPT2 10 Amp: use with incandescent C9 lights
  • Green or white wire


  • Light clips for clean outlines
  • Timers, wireless remotes, controllers
  • Extension cords, zip plugs for power
  • Christmas storage

C7 C9 Christmas lights available in traditional incandescent and LED bulbs. Illuminate the house, yard, or trees this holiday with Christmas light strings displaying large retro Christmas bulbs. C7 lights are the ideal size to trim a tree or outline the yard, and C9 bulbs are popular hanging on rooftops and to wrap large outdoor trees. Find light strings with various spacing and socket options to customize and light displays this season. Click here to compare C7 and C9 bulb sizes

and read through our LED Christmas Lights Guide.

What is a prelamped string compared to a stringer?

  • Prelamped stringers: wire with bulbs screwed into sockets; best for basic Christmas lighting plans.
  • Stringers / spools: wire with sockets, bulbs sold separately; best for custom themes, lengths, and power planning.

Advantages in buying bulbs and strings separately

  • Replacement bulbs: nickel vs brass based to prevent corrosion; higher diode count in LED retrofit bulbs.
  • Stringers / spools: weep holes for increased weather resistance.

What size bulb do I need?

  • C7: ground level, one-story roof outlines, bushes
  • C9: ground level, two-story roof outlines, tall Evergreens