Clear Rope Light

Clear rope light is available in commercial spools and pre-cut kits. Choose from a wide selection of the most popular rope lighting color - clear and warm white LED. Find clear rope lights in Superbrite, chasing, and steady varieties, with round, square, and rectangle shapes. Choose from 12 volt and 120 volt, as well as 2, 3, 4, and 5-wire.

Best selling white and clear rope light

Clear rope light is incandescent rope light constructed with crystal clear PVC tubing and pure tungsten filaments. Warm white LED rope light offers similar Kelvin temperature ranges as clear. Clear and warm white lighting are the most popular colors in rope light, used outdoors as well as for accent and interior lighting.

What are common rope light applications?

2-wire 1/2" rope light is the most popular in commercial installation, and can be seen everywhere from hotel lobbies and movie theaters to rooflines and outdoor walkways. 3, 4, and 5-wire rope light offer chasing effects when used with a controller, a necessity in animated displays. Rope light is bendable, and 3/8" is the most flexible diameter, perfect for shaping into signs and creating wire frames. Rope light offers long life, is UV and water resistant, and extremely safe when installed correctly. For large projects, choose spools of rope light to splice and customize runs. For smaller plug-and-go installations, 12-30' kits come ready to plug in.

Energy efficient lighting

Both incandescent and LED rope light offer longer life and power savings over traditional holiday lighting. Our rope light features a maximum bulb spacing of 1", resulting in bright light output. All LED rope light uses concave shaped bulbs for wide angle lighting. For the longest runs of rope light using a single power source, opt for cool to the touch LED. Most rope light accessories, such as end caps and splice connectors, can be used on both LED rope light and incandescent. LED rope light controllers are designed specifically for use with LED rope light.