Incandescent Mini Lights

Standard Incandescent Christmas Lights

Removable Bulbs
No Lamp Lock

Commercial Incandescent Mini Christmas Lights

Removable Bulbs
Lamp Locks on Select Styles

Viviluxe™ Incandescent Christmas Lights

Removable Bulbs
Lamp Lock

PureLock™ Incandescent Christmas Lights

Removable Bulbs
Internal Lamp Lock

Incandescent Mini Lights

Beloved for their classic glow and rich history of being used for Christmas decorating, incandescent mini lights are one of the most easily recognized light styles. There are a few different types of incandescent mini lights and all feature removable bulbs plus a variety of color options, so what makes each style unique?

Deciding on which mini lights to use depends on your budget, the durability needed for your project, and where you'll be decorating. We've put together a quick guide of each type below to help you pick the best mini light for your needs.

Incandescent Mini Christmas Lights

Which Lights Should I Choose?

Standard ($) - Standard mini lights are a budget friendly lighting option, ideal for decorating and craft projects that don't require commercial grade durability. These lights do not have lamp locks which means bulbs could come loose more easily than other mini Christmas lights. Remove standard lights string gently from Christmas trees and other types of greenery to avoid snagging and help prevent bulbs from becoming misaligned in their sockets.

Commercial ($$) - The feature that sets commercial mini lights apart from standard options is an external lamp lock design which prevents bulbs from becoming loose during installation and removal. Unlike other mini light styles, commercial grade versions are constructed using heavy duty 20 gauge wire (standard is 22) which can withstand outdoor elements better and allows for more light strings to be connected end to end. Professional installers love these lights for long term outdoor decorating and lighting projects that may encounter rough handling during setup and removal.

Viviluxe™ ($$$) - If you're not quite ready to make the switch to LEDs but need a brighter light output than traditional mini lights can provide, these exceptionally vivid bulbs are the answer! Like commercial grade versions, Viviluxe light strings also feature external lamp locks that keep bulbs from twisting in their sockets and creating misaligned connections. Outstanding brightness and quality design makes these lights a must-have for larger outdoor projects were vibrant illumination is often required.

PureLock™ ($$$$) - These decorator grade mini lights are almost identical to Viviluxe with one major exception. PureLock bulbs feature an internal lamp lock design for clean display and superior protection from bulb rotation or misaligned connections. Because there is no external lamp lock to get caught or snagged, PureLock mini lights are the absolute best choice for wrapping holiday greenery including Christmas trees, wreaths and garland.

Colorful Incandescent Mini Christmas Lights

Common Mini Light Terms

Lamp Lock - An internal or external locking mechanism which helps keep the bulbs in place and protects them from going out due to misaligned connections.

One Light Goes Out, Rest Stay Lit - If one bulb is broken or burns out but the shunt is intact, the rest of the light string will work. However, if the bulb and shunt are damaged, the entire light string will lose current flow and thus darken.

Removable Bulbs - Bulbs can be removed from the socket and replaced.

Wire Gauge - Refers to the thickness of a wire and determines the amount of electrical current a wire can carry.