Sequoia Commercial Christmas Tree

Sequoia Fir Commercial Trees and Greenery

Standing proud in homes and businesses across the country, the Sequoia Fir is the pinnacle of strength and beauty. Traditional in shape and designed with professional decorator's in mind, this is a tree that can withstand outdoor elements and bear the weight of heavy ornaments and decorations. When quality, strength, and beauty are required, the Sequoia Fir is unrivaled.

Durable greenery backed by a 10 year warranty
Sequoia Fir branches with heavy duty hinges provide support for thousands of UV protected .22mm needles and are sturdy enough to bolster the weight of large ornaments and decorations. The Sequoia Fir commercial Christmas tree is backed by a 10 year greenery warranty, making it one of the most dependable and long lasting outdoor rated pole trees in the industry.

Luxuriously full silhouette
The Sequoia Fir's full tree profile is created by carefully shaping its many heavy duty branches. Each lower branch is designed to expand in width which results in a noticeably lush appearance.

Rolling stand for effortless mobility
Whether you want to rotate the tree for ease of decorating or move it from one location to another, the included rolling stand on all 6.5' - 12' Sequoia Fir commercial Christmas trees makes repositioning hassle free!

Long lasting LED Lights

Red Sleigh® Sequoia Fir commercial trees use LED string lights that are ENERGY STAR and UL Listed. These LED lights come with a 3 year warranty.

Height & Light Color/Count Price  
6.5 ft w/ Clear 800 Get a Quote
6.5 ft w/ Warm White LED 800 Get a Quote
7.5 ft w/ Warm White LED 750 Get a Quote
7.5 ft w/ Warm White LED 1,250 Get a Quote
8.5 ft w/ Clear 1,700 Get a Quote
9 ft w/ Warm White LED 1,950 Get a Quote
9 ft w/ Warm White LED 1,000 Get a Quote
9.5 ft w/ Clear 1,100 Get a Quote
12 ft w/ Clear 1,800 Get a Quote
12 ft w/ Warm White LED 1,800 Get a Quote

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