C7 Multicolor Shatterproof FlexFilament LED Vintage Christmas Light Bulbs

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Get the beauty of vintage incandescent visible-filament lights, with the energy savings of LED, all in a shatterproof bulb, with FlexFilament TM shatterproof bulbs. The curved filaments are lined with LED diodes that produce a warm, beautiful light. Yet you can operate them at a fraction of the cost of incandescent bulbs. The lenses are made of lightweight PolyFlex PET for shatterproof performance you can enjoy anywhere. Use these bulbs as Christmas lights, patio lights and more.

  • Multicolor C7 flexible filament LED bulbs, E12 base
  • LEDs have a lifespan up to 20,000 hours
  • Top quality dimmable bulbs work great in steady or animated displays
  • Made of lightweight PolyFlex PET for worry-free, shatterproof bulbs
  • Nickel plated bases prevent corrosion and improve connectivity, saving you time and money
  • Low watt LED bulbs allow you to safely make longer runs of light.
  • Energy efficient bulbs reduce power needs by up to 90%
  • LED bulbs always remain cool to the touch
  • Bulbs only, light stringer sold separately
  • Use with E12 - Candelabra stringer
  • Indoor / Outdoor use

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Reviewed by John B.
on Wednesday, July 21, 2021

C7 Multicolor Shatterproof FlexFilament LED Vintage Christmas Light Bulbs

I purchased two sets of these lights last year for replacing the light bulbs used for my Christmas yard decorations and other various projects. I liked them so much and they worked so well, that I decided to order two more sets. They are nice and bright and have a long life span. I highly recommend these light bulbs.

Reviewed by John B.
on Monday, January 09, 2023

C7 FlexFilament multicolor vintage Christmas bulbs

I was very happy to find these bulbs on sale. The main thing that I use them for is, I have a wooden platform covered with artificial green paper grass, my Lionel train tracks attached with predrilled holes so that these lights come through for my Christmas Village and my Mother's antique Manger to sit on so they light up. And of course my Christmas Tree is in the middle of all that

Reviewed by James M.
on Thursday, March 02, 2023

C7 PET Dimmable Multicolor Flexible Filament LED Bulbs

Love these!! It puts LEDS really in the future now!!

Reviewed by Adam M.
on Thursday, December 16, 2021

C7 Multicolor Shatterproof FlexFilament LED Vintage Christmas Light Bulbs

I've had a hard time finding good LED replacements for my aging incandescent C7 Christmas tree lights. I love the glowing filament and brightness they give over traditional LEDs. I was excited to find these and while certainly not cheap, hoped they would finally be an acceptable replacement. And they almost were. On the positive side, of course they are much cooler and use much less energy, making stringing them much easier and being able to leave them on without fear of setting the tree on fire. As for how they look, the blue and green are exceptional - I think even more vibrant color than the incandescent. The yellow is def much more yellow than the amber incandescent but still fully satisfied with it. We don't use purple, but no complaints on it. The problem is the "red" bulbs. Immediately seeing it I thought there was a mistake and they sent an orange one instead. I even ordered a set of 5 red bulbs just to be sure. Seeing them side by side with my red incandescent bulbs, there is no question these are orange. Very disappointed in that and unfortunately a deal breaker for me. I am considering just replacing blue/green and yellow in my strands and keeping the red incandescent - will still save a ton of electricity and be much cooler. But man, really with the red LEDs were truly red! Hoping its something they can fix in the future.