Premium Prelamped C9 LED Light Strings

Do you want an insanely popular, high impact illumination for your outdoor light display? Look no further than the diamond faceted design of our C9 LED light strings. These light strings come with the bulbs fused into the sockets, so all you have to do is decorate. This one piece construction prolongs the life of the lights, so they will illuminate many holiday celebrations for years to come.

C9 LED lights are constructed to save you time and frustration as you decorate for the holidays. These light stringers are tightly twisted to prevent tangling and UL listed with stackable plugs so you can connect multiple strings with fewer power sources. LED bulbs are engineered for color consistency, so whether you choose white, green, red or blue you can be sure that the color will stay true to hue from one string to the next. The advanced technology, durable construction and enhanced value found in ENERGY STAR™ certified C9 LED light strings means you can spend more time designing your display and less time worrying about safety and increased power bills.

Use C9 LED light strings anywhere that presence and convenience is needed. Their larger size makes them perfect for designing eye popping professional quality light displays. Wrap them around larger outdoor trees and hang them from rooflines. Create a uniform, traditional look by wrapping them around columns as well.