LED Light Show Outdoor Christmas Trees

A Spectacle of Light: LED Light Show Outdoor Christmas Trees

Looking for a flashy focal point for your outdoor Christmas display? LED Lightshow trees just might be the answer. Place these eye-catching outdoor Christmas trees in multiple sizes throughout the yard with other lights and decorations, or make a single towering twelve foot tree the centerpiece of your holiday display. Light show trees automatically cycle through 14 unique animation sequences without the need for a controller. The result is a dynamic outdoor Christmas tree decoration that is never boring!

Light Show Tree Assembly

Setup is simple. Light show trees come with multiple pole sections depending on the height of the tree, and everything you need to assemble these outdoor Christmas trees is in the box - no tools needed! To assemble your animated LED light show tree, follow the steps below.

  1. Expand the circular tree base.
  2. Affix the square iron plate to the base with the included hardware.
  3. Attach the poles to the base.
  4. Connect the plug for the star light tree topper to the plug threaded through the poles. Twist the plug ends to lock them together. Push the star down into the pole until it sits securely.
  5. Connect the light strands to the base using the included S hooks.Each hook fits into holes around the base.
  6. For outdoor use and added stability, secure the tree base frame to the ground using stakes or sandbags.
Animated LED Lightshow Trees
Animated LED Lightshow Trees