Specialty Lights

Everyone looks for that perfect accent to complete a space. Novelty lighting gives you many options to light virtually any space with your own splash of color. From snowflake shaped LEDs to ribbons and retro style Bubble Lights, you'll be sure to find the perfect fit.

Using chili pepper lights or lit grapes in the kitchen can throw in a bit of flare without going overboard. Light up parties with these lovely fruit and veggie inspired novelty lights. You can create wonderfully lit centerpieces for parties and gatherings by adding a lit fruit bundle into baskets or jars.

Are you thinking of adding elegant lighting to your garden area or even your wedding reception? Beautifully lit flower lights will add charm and warm glow in just seconds. Decorating umbrellas on the patio is a timeless classic many families opt for. From Flamingo lights to palm trees, you can bring the tropical feel home instantly!

And let's not forget specialty bulbs! You can create customized light strings or light your trees and wreaths in themed, strobing, and color changing options. If you're wanting a red and green theme, constantly changing color scheme or that twinkling effect that can't be missed by passersby, speciality bulbs are the easiest way to go. Create something wonderful this year by customizing your own light strings!

Try on something different this holiday season and venture into the world of holiday novelty lights!