Commercial Patio Lights

when to consider commercial

patio lights

Commercial patio lights are recommended if you intend to hang your lights for long periods of time, if they are being used in higher traffic areas or if you need to use higher wattage light bulbs. 16 and 18 gauge heavy duty wiring is better for bulbs with higher wattage limits. If you're looking for lighting that will stand the test of time and maintain a professional display even through periods of inclement weather, choose commercial grade patio lights.

Commercial Patio Lights Used To Decorate an Outdoor Event

Patio Light Stringers and Spools

Some outdoor lighting projects present unique obstacles, the most common being unusual space measurements or configurations. As you might have noticed, many stores sell patio lights in just a few set lengths, typically between 8-25 feet. Trying to figure out how many light strings you need while attempting to fit a string length that is either too large or too small into your space can be frustrating. However, there is a better way! Commercial grade E17 patio light strings and spools can be spliced to create completely custom lengths for virtually any size space. Choose light strings and spools from 15-1000 feet in green, black and white wire colors to complete custom lighting designs or DIY projects and to accommodate light runs across long distances.