Online since 2000, but Christmas fanatics since we were kids!

Our Story

This story is as much about you as it is us. Sure, we can bore you with dates and timelines but we'd rather get to the fun part first.

Our story starts with fond memories of Christmas and a desire to make Christmas time a special event for families. No matter how old we get we still have memories of our first Christmas...the first Christmas tree we saw in the living room...the first time we saw our house lit up from the road...the first "night of lights" Christmas event we walked through on main street or at local attractions.

That magical feeling you get when you see a cozy fire and stockings hung from the hearth isn't just a postcard... it's a memory connecting everything we love about Christmas. There's no other feeling like that.

Christmas and Chasing the American Dream

Back in the late 90s we saw it becoming harder and harder to find quality Christmas lights and artificial trees. Cheap products were everywhere but we wanted lights that would last longer than three weeks. We wanted lights that would stay lit even if one bulb burnt out. We wanted artificial trees that looked fresh cut and didn't lose their needles in one year. We wanted more. We wanted variety. We wanted better technology.

We also knew there was a growing contingent who wanted the same thing we did. From hard core Christmas decorators to just someone who wanted a better set of lights on their front porch. That was us. And, if you're reading this now, it might be you, too.

So what next? Like many others, we got busy and chased the American dream. We started the business as second jobs working nights and weekends and enlisting friends and family to help out along the way. Growing out of a suburban garage, we quickly realized our dream was coming true and in 2003, we purchased our first permanent office and warehouse. Fast forward more than a decade and we offer 1000's of products and have shipped millions of lights to customers worldwide.

And now, thanks to folks like you, we're the most shopped online Christmas light store on the web.

Pioneering LED Christmas Lights

Early on we were able to satisfy customers by carrying higher quality incandescent Christmas lights--lights with longer life, richer colors and manufactured to a strict quality standard. However, as lighting technology evolved, we realized there were so many more possibilities. We thought...we can eliminate frustrations with tripping breakers, increased energy costs, fragile bulbs. On top of that, we saw technology changing to make your Christmas displays brighter and better than they ever had been before: more lights, vivid colors, chasing, dripping, color changing. That's why we helped pioneer the LED Christmas lights that are now used around the U.S.

Get more lights, less headaches and save more money. Sounds pretty good to us, too.

Your Story

Our story never ends because it continues with you. Here's why. When we drive around our city and see homes and businesses decked out for's not just that we sold lights and trees to many of these people. We are still inspired with what you do with your lights and the creativity you bring to your neighborhood, cities and businesses. The enjoyment you get seeing your projects lit up is our passion. More importantly, every time we see what our customers are doing it's a reminder that hearkens back to all those magic moments we've had since our first Christmas.

Your story is part of our story and that's very special to us.

Chris Miller, Founder and William Hale, Founder

Chris Miller, Founder and William Hale, Founder

Remember Your Firt Christmas?
Just a few of our company customers that make magical Christmas experiences too.

"Merry Christmas season to all of you!! You have lights no store near us keeps in stock -- our house will be brighter because of you! This web site is a joy to buy from. Just wanted to tell you."

-The Obenhuber Family