C6 LED Christmas Lights

C6 LED Chrismtas lights are slightly smaller than the traditional C7 LED light bulb, but not as small as a mini light bulb, making these lights the perfect size to decorate trees, bushes, and other smaller areas. Its multi-faceted cone shape reflects light in all directions creating a spectacular halo of light. Each bulb is tested for color consistency, so the first bulb on the string always matches the last bulb. LED lights save you money and remain cool to the touch, making them safe for the whole family. These energy efficient LED Christmas lights add splendor to your home or yard as you prepare for the holidays.

C6 LED Christmas lights meet ENERGY STAR™ qualifications and are available in a variety of brilliant colors on green wire. Each light string comes prelamped with 70 bulbs spaced 4 inches apart. The one piece design keeps moisture out of the sockets, preventing corrosion and increasing the lifetime of the light string. Stackable plugs and LED technology allow you to plug up to 43 strings together at once without searching for another outlet.

These durable C6 Christmas lights have shatterproof acrylic lenses and can survive anything from rough handling to harsh weather while still maintaining their vibrant colors. Create elaborate light displays for many holiday seasons and other events with these brilliant lights.