G12 LED Light Strings

Whether they remind you of disco dancing or gum drops, G12 light strings are certainly a fun addition to any colorful, unique design theme! Don't let these 12mm round, mini globes fool you, they still pack the same energy and money saving benefits of LED lights. They are rated for 100,000 hours of use, are ENERGY STAR™ certified, and feature corrosion-resistant patented one piece construction!

G12 bulbs come in 70 count green wire strings with 4 spacing between each bulb. Bulbs are prelamped to keep moisture out of sockets and prolong the life of the string. The diamond faceted bulbs are designed to radiate light in all directions, creating a vibrant color halo. Fused, stackable plugs make decorating even easier. Choose from a variety of fun, vibrant hues and safely connect up to 43 strings for a dazzling display of spherical light!

Use G12 LED lights wherever a fun and festive display of spirit is needed. These lights are built strong to maintain their brilliance for many years even after being out in the cold winter weather or the hot sun. Trim the tree, light up bushes or wrap them around columns and railings. For added value, use them for theme parties, lively room lighting and social gatherings year round!