Globe Lights

Globe Lights 101

Thanks to their iconic round shape and ability to effortlessly blend with the decor of any space, globe lights have been a staple in outdoor party lighting for years. Small globe lights, like the G20 and G30 bulbs allow for easy decorating in tight quarters and provide just enough light without overpowering the space. Have a little more room to cover? Larger spaces need bigger bulbs! That's where G40 and G50 bulbs take center stage. Hang large globe light bulbs in tall spaces or areas where you need to cover a longer distance. G40 and G50 bulbs are typically available in candelabra (E12) or intermediate (E17) base sizes and display best on wires with 12" or wider socket spacing.

Globe Lights Finishes and Color Options

Effortless Customization

Colors, Finishes & Wiring!

Most wire colors & bulb finishes will work well in almost every setting, however you can further enhance your backyard design or event venue by customizing your finishes to fit the space. If you're unsure which color to choose, here are a few suggested uses for each.

Bulb Color and Finish Suggested Uses

  • Clear - Sometimes a subtle addition to your outdoor living area is all you need. Clear light bulbs display beautifully in almost any space, which makes this finish one of the most popular of all!
  • Opaque - Bold colors, perfect for an outdoor party. Mix and match bulb colors to create unique lighting themes or hang all white opaque finish lights and let your existing decor shine.
  • Satin and Pearl Finish - Featuring a diffused glow, satin finish and pearl white globe lights are an elegant addition to wedding venues, garden parties and any space where ambient lighting and sophisticated design are desired.
  • Multicolor - If creating a fun atmosphere is your goal, multicolor globe lights are an easy way to add cheerful illumination to outdoor spaces. Hang colorful globe lights in your backyard for summer enjoyment or mix and match colors, like red and blue to illuminate your patio on Fourth of July.
  • Faceted Globe - The faceted design of our LED globe lights reflects a stunning light pattern when hung next to solid surfaces - a brilliant addition to any party or event. LED globe lights use less energy and power resources than incandescent varieties, an ideal choice for large lighting projects.

Wire Color Suggested Uses

  • Black Light Strings- Works well in modern industrial spaces, blends flawlessly with dark surfaces, and provides a stylish contrast against areas with wood accents.
  • Green Light Strings- A natural choice for outdoor settings. Perfect in places with lush greenery, hung across an open field of grass or woven around the branches of trees. Green light strings are the most commonly used for hanging patio lights. If your not sure which color to use, green is a great start!
  • White Light Strings- A complementary wire color for weddings, garden parties or outdoor living areas featuring a delicate color palette. Blends well against sheer fabrics and lighter surfaces.

Ready to hang your patio lights but not sure how to get started? Visit our guide on how to plan and hang patio lights to help you determine the best hanging locations and configurations for your outdoor space!