Patio and Party Lights

Your Backyard Just Got A lot Cooler!

These are not your average outdoor lights!

String lights are festive and fun and much more exciting than just flipping on a floodlight or the barely-there light by the back door. String lights are availalble in a large variety of wire and bulb colors including options in incandescent and LED light styles to perfectly accent any outdoor space or design theme. Cover the deck in a colorful glow, wind mini lights around porch railings and hang icicle lights around a backyard gazebo or across the fence. Walking into a backyard glowing with string lights is instantly exciting!

Patio Lights Hanging Idea: Fancy patio light designs aren't just for event spaces and bistro dining at restaurants. Hang your patio lights in a pattern design to add depth or visual interest to your backyard or outdoor living area. Popular patio light hanging patterns include the X, Zig Zag, Scallop or Swag.

Backyard Patio and Party Lights
Magnolia Tree Wrapped with Mini Lights

Small but mighty

Outdoor Mini Light Ideas

Mini lights were made for wrapping things! These little lights do a pretty amazing job of covering trees, railings, columns and posts in bright, inviting light. Use mini lights exclusively or in addition to hanging patio lights in your backyard or event space.

Wrapping Trees With Lights Tip: Create a ball of lights to make wrapping easier and start at the base of the tree, working your way up the trunk to the branches, then back down. For complete instructions on how to wrap a tree with lights, visit our DIY tree wrapping page!

Innovate with icicle lights

Up to this point you may have only looked at icicle lights as an adornment for rooflines during Christmas, but it's time we gave these elegant lights the warm weather spotlight they deserve! There are probably several dark and lonely areas in your backyard right now that could be brought to life by icicle lights. Hanging across fence lines, around backyard structures like gazebos or arbors, and down deck railings are just a few of our favorite places to see icicle lights shine!

Most Popular Party Lights

Enchanting Spaces

Transform your backyard or event space into a nighttime wonderland with outdoor patio lights. Browse our selection of the most popular patio string lights in a variety of bulb sizes, finishes and colors to find the perfect complement for your outdoor decor.

Innovating & Captivating

The decorating possibilities are endless when you discover our incredible selection of mini lights. Choose incandescent or LED, then select your favorite wire color and bulb combinations to complement your outdoor living space!

Eye Catching Illumination

Classic and beautiful, icicle lights are quickly making a name for themselves in the decorating world. Hang icicle lights along a fence, around a gazebo or across deck railings to brighten a backyard party, wedding or event!