Patio and Party Bulbs - Choose Your Bulb

Ignite fun and festivities with bright patio and party lights! There is no better way to animate dinner parties or entertain guests than to illuminate the evening with glowing party lights. Whether hanging globe and bistro lights from tents and pergolas, or hanging along railings or as umbrella lights, patio light bulbs really help to set the mood.

Here is a little bit of help when trying to read through all the bulb classifications out there:

  1. C7/E12 patio lights are smaller decorative light bulbs and they use a candelabra-size socket base. They are great in smaller spaces and can be used in a variety of ways for both string lighting and decorative lighting.
  2. C9/E17 patio lights are a step larger than their C7/E12 cousins and have an intermediate socket base. C9s are a great choice for patio string lights, decorating larger areas and for getting more illumination.
  3. E26 lights are the socket base size of most typical household light bulbs and they feature larger bulbs for patio lights that you might want spaced further apart, or for large areas where you want a larger light display.
  4. G50, G40 and other "G" bulbs are all Globe (hence the "G) and the following number is the diameter of the bulb in millimeters. Globe lights will include a base size using any of the above three classifications, helping you to easily match up your globe light with a light string.