30' E26 Commercial Patio Light Stringer, SJTW Black Wire, 36" Spacing

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Thick, heavy duty black wire patio light stringers with 4-inch drop sockets add elegance to any outdoor lighting display. SJTW rated stringers are weather resistant and designed for long term usage. Guy wire loop allows for additional support for usage across large spaces. E26 base sockets are perfect for any standard LED or incandescent bulbs giving you the creative freedom to customize your lighting display.

Create custom light displays with ease using these commercial-grade stringers and your own bulbs. Just be sure to match socket size to bulbs (see below), and get the right length for your project, and you're ready to get started.
  • 30' Black wire with 36" spacing between 10 sockets
  • Commercial grade wire offers superior performance for restaurant and event display
  • Hanging grommet for use with 3/8-inch to 1/4-inch guide wire if desired
  • Heavy duty SJTW insulation for higher performance requirements
  • 10 amp capacity
  • Compatible with LED or incandescent bulbs with E26 Medium (26mm) bases: Use with E26 and standard household bulbs including S14, A15 and A19 Bulbs sold separately
  • UL Recognized Components, rated for Indoor / Outdoor use
  • Maximum watts per run: 1200
  • Calculate for Amp Needs:
    1. # of Bulbs x Watts/Bulb = Total Watts
    2. Total Watts / 120 volts = Amp Needs

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