5mm Multicolor SoftTwinkle TM LED Icicle Lights

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Size 7 ft. Lighted Length, 70 Lights
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The most sophisticated holiday twinkle light icicle light is here: SoftTwinkle. SoftTwinkle lights pulse on and off slowly and gently, unlike any other twinkle lights. These lights create an exciting yet sophisticated display that's ideal indoors and outdoors. The colors include: red, blue, gold, green and amber/orange. Perfect for decorating your roof, fence, or gazebo. Create an entertaining light display for Christmas and other holidays with durable 5mm multicolor fading holiday icicle lights!

  • Multicolor icicle lights on white wire
  • SoftTwinkle TM bulbs pulse gently on and off independently
  • High quality LEDs result in a brighter, more brilliant light hue
  • Light strings last an average of 100,000 hours, giving you years of superior lighting
  • 5mm bulbs emit a brilliant halo for exceptional brightness and color
  • Tighter twists reduce tangling, resulting in a more professional looking light display
  • If one light goes out, the rest stay lit
  • Connect up to 32 light sets for quicker installation with less required outlets
  • Fully rectified LED Strings are flicker free, providing consistent light display
  • Female plugs allow multiple sets to be connected end to end

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