LED Icicle Lights

LED icicle lights are quickly making a name for themselves in the decorating world. These energy saving lights do more than hang along rooflines at Christmas and Halloween; they dangle from reception hall rafters, line fences, and decorate porch railings. LED bulbs stay cool to the touch, so LED icicle lights are great for use behind fabric and sheer curtains to create elegant lighted decor for weddings, dances, and even theatre productions.

LED icicle lights are available in many vibrant colors with either 5mm bulbs or M5 bulbs. 5mm bulbs are the size of a pencil eraser with a concave lense that shines light in all directions. M5 bulbs are the size of an incandescent mini light, but with the energy efficiency of LED technology. Choose between steady, twinkle, and color change lights. Connect more sets together with stackable plugs, making decorating even easier. LED icicle lights last 60,000 hours and are built to withstand harsh conditions, so they will glow for many seasons.

Decorate with your home for Christmas with red and green lights, or decorate a wedding venue with twinkle warm white icicle lights. Whether the space is big or small, you can cover it quickly and easily with LED icicle lights.