RGB LED Multi-Function Starlight Sphere

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Get a huge variety of colors and effects from this one multicolor, multi-function, remote-controlled starlight sphere. Choose a steady light display from 16 different colors with 23 brightness settings each. Or choose from four different animations, each available at 14 different speed settings:

  • Solid color transitions available in six different color combinations, including red-green, red-white and red-white-and-blue
  • Continuous multicolor fades
  • Single color cascades available in seven colors
  • Multicolor cascades available in six different color combinations, including red-green, red-white, and red-white-and-blue.

Use the speed settings to create an enormous variety of effects, from strobe-like flashes to gentle transitions. A total of 648 possible setting combinations in all! Durable, efficient 5MM LED bulbs provide the light, each recessed into a star-shaped petal for greater light dispersion. Comes ready to use right out of the box; no programming needed. You wont find more versatile, entertaining lighting than this amazing starlight sphere.

  • 24 gauge wire, 24 volt, rated for indoor / outdoor use
  • If one light goes out, the rest stay lit
  • Long 72 inch leads make hanging easy, especially when hanging from overhangs and branches
  • LED bulbs are built to withstand wear and tear and remain looking vivid and new
  • Twist proof bulbs prevent rotation during installation and storage for superior reliability
  • Benefit from the included S hook: easily wrap cords around branches or hang from gutters

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