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White Christmas lights let you imagine a winter white wonderland or a romantic evening soiree and bring that vision to life! No job is too big, small, simple or unique for these white lights!

White lights should shine brightly and uniformly. Our lights are engineered for consistent lighting from first bulb to last so your white lights maintain the same vibrancy throughout the entire string. Choose from cool or warm white incandescent or LED lights and be sure to use the same white hue throughout your design to maintain a uniform light display. To achieve convenient, traditional Christmas light displays inside or out choose prelamped stringers with a patented one piece design to prevent corrosion. For those wanting to create a custom design year after year opt for replaceable bulbs with weather tested nickel bases and coordinating strings to change up spacing and various lighting options.

Use warm white lights to illuminate weddings and indoor light displays with a cozy glow. Cool white lights are an exceptional choice in outdoor displays and provide the perfect complement to single accent colors such as blue or green. Create the foundation for any holiday decor by wrapping white Christmas lights around trees and wreaths allowing ornaments, ribbons and accent pieces to stand out.