5MM Commercial LED Christmas Light Strings

5MM Commercial LED Christmas Light Strings offer unparalleled brightness in a small concave bulb that emits light in all directions. Choose from an extensive selection of bulb colors ranging from Christmas red to brilliant multicolor. Commercial 5mm LED lights are fully rectified so all you see is brilliant flicker free colors. All our LED lights are tested for color consistency, so your light strings will maintain the same vibrant hues throughout the string.

5MM Wide Angle LED lights can be used indoors and outdoors wrapped around trees, decks, banisters, and anywhere else mini lights traditionally would hang. LED lights remain cool to the touch, so they can be even be used behind sheer fabric at weddings and dances. Choose 5MM LED commercial lights when you need long lasting, dependable lights to cover a large area.

Commercial grade 5mm LED light strings use coaxial water tight connections with bulbs secured into the sockets to prevent elements from access. This patented one piece construction prevents corrosion and prolongs the life of the string. A heavier gauge wire allows you connect more strings together at once. Make sure you purchase a power adapter to connect lights to an outlet. You can use up to 175 light sets with a single adaptor. LED lenses are virtually unbreakable and lights last over 100,000 hours.