Commercial LED Christmas Lights

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Wire Color
Bulb Size
Product Type
5MM Commercial LED Light Strings
5MM Commercial LED Christmas Light Strings
  • Commercial grade LED light strings
  • Concave 5mm bulbs are small to touch with brilliant illumination
  • Extremely bright LED lights with heavy gauge wire
Commercial Prelamped C7 LED Light Strings
Commercial Prelamped C7 LED Light Strings
  • Commercial Strings - Connect many more!
  • C7 LED Light Strings
  • Longer Lasting, Energy Saving LEDs
  • Large selection of colors
Commercial Prelamped C9 Light Stings
Commercial Prelamped C9 LED Light Strings
  • Commercial Strings - Connect many more!
  • C9 LED Light Strings
  • Longer Lasting, Energy Saving LEDs
  • Large color availability
Commercial Mini Ice-M5
Commercial Mini Ice-M5
  • Commercial LED Mini Lights
  • UL Listed LED lights have longer life and use less energy
  • All LED light colors available
C6 Commercial LED Strawberry Lights
C6 Commercial LED Strawberry Lights
  • Commercial C6 Strawberry LED Lights
  • Energy Saving LEDs in many colors
  • C6 bulbs are a petite version of the C7
Commercial G12 LED Razzberry
Commercial G12 LED Razzberry
  • 12mm diameter commercial Christmas lights
  • Connect up to 210 watts
  • Commercial LED lights last longer and shine bright
Low Voltage LED Christmas Lights
Low Voltage Christmas Lights
  • Low voltage outdoor lights and accessories
  • Designed for use with in-ground landscape lighting systems.
Commercial LED Accessories
Commercial LED Accessories
  • Replacements and Accessories for LED Christmas Lights
  • Spacer Wires, Power Adapters, and Power Taps

Commercial LED strings feature water tight sealed connections and heavier gauge wire for the most dependable performance. Patented one piece construction offers rugged, durable reliability, and with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, LEDs are a great choice for years.

Hang Christmas lights on houses, commercial buildings, and tall trees, and rest assured that plugs will stay connected all season. Water tight coaxial connectors screw together, ensuring a secure connection - especially important when hanging lights along rooflines!

What are advantages in commercial LED strings?

Commercial LED strings are ideal for large scale projects. With a thick wire gauge and watertight connectors, commercial LED strings offer a high quality performance with energy efficiency in mind. LED light strings feature one piece construction, with bulbs fused to sockets for durability. Lights always stay cool to the touch, save on energy, and bulbs are almost unbreakable. Invest in commercial LED strings for a business front, city decorating, and more. With durable bulbs and low energy draw, LED commercial light strings will please wholesalers and customers.

What are the differences between premium and commercial LED strings?

Commercial LED light strings require a power adapter to be plugged into a traditional power outlet. 20 wire gauge commercial wire allows 420 watts to be connected according to UL standards, while premium light strings are 22 gauge wire with a 210 watt max connect.

How to use commercial LED Strings

Commercial LED strings can be used like any premium strings as long as they have a commercial LED power adapter. Make sure to purchase an adapter for each run of commercial LED string you plan on using, meaning for each outlet used, a power adapter is needed.