Watertight Commercial LED Christmas Lights

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Watertight Commercial Christmas Lights

Watertight Commercial LED Christmas Lights

Watertight commercial LED Christmas lights with coaxial connectors do what standard LED light strings with traditional plugs can't: prevent water intrusion between connections from one light set to the next. This means bigger displays that last longer, and require fewer electrical outlets to power them.

Commercial LED light strings with co-axial connectors are one of the most popular styles of commercial Christmas lights among professional installers for one very specific reason. Unlike traditional end to end connections, the co-axial screw on connector provides a strong bond that cannot be pulled apart and creates a watertight outdoor seal so that no moisture can penetrate the string. Additionally, you can connect dozens of these light sets together with only one plug. Watertight commercial light strings allow for the creation of larger, longer lasting displays which makes them ideal for professional light installers, decorators, and holiday lighting enthusiasts.

Watertight Commercial Christmas Lights

Watertight Commercial Christmas Light Features

Coaxial Connectors - This type of connector has threaded male and female ends that screw together and a watertight rubber washer that prevents moisture from getting into the plugs and electrical connections. As a result, commercial grade Christmas lights with co-ax connectors last longer, will not come unplugged from one another, and are more reliable in wet weather applications.

IP44 Rated - Light sets with this rating are well protected for outdoor use in wet climates and can withstand harsh weather conditions, however these sets should not be submerged in water.

Sealed One-Piece Bulb Construction - Non-removable hardwired bulbs with sealed, one-piece construction from husk to lens prevent water intrusion, adding yet another layer of durability.

Thicker Wire - Commercial Christmas lights with watertight connections are designed with a thicker 20 gauge wire as compared to the 22 gauge wire of standard string lights. This thicker wire gauge offers yet another advanced layer of protection from the elements and allows for more light sets to be connected end-to-end.

Low Wattage - Commercial LED light sets use very little wattage per bulb, which means you can connect dozens of light strings together to create large displays without worrying about blown fuses and tripped breakers!

Watertight Commercial Christmas Light Accessories

Simplify Displays Using Commercial String Light Accessories

Commercial Christmas lights with watertight connectors can be paired with accessories that make the installation process for intricate light displays more smooth. For example, if you're lighting a tree with multiple trunks and you want to continue up into the branches, a split adapter could be used to take the light runs in 2, 3, 4, or even 8 directions without having to run multiple extension cords through the tree. You may also find these connectors beneficial when lighting a house or building that has unique architectural features where multiple strings may need to branch off in different directions. In this same house example, spacer wire could be used between light runs where a section needs to remain unlit before starting up again; this technique would be especially useful on homes with multiple dormer windows.

This ability to be paired with connectors and accessories is another reason many professionals choose watertight commercial Christmas lights over traditional options. The versatility and easy ability to create large, custom displays is simply unmatched by other string light styles.