Outdoor Christmas Lights

Lighted Outdoor Yard Decorations
  • Festive outdoor Christmas decorations for the yard.
  • Large and small decorations in a variety of styles.
  • Hang decorations from trees and display on the ground.
LED Light Show Tree
LED Light Show Outdoor Christmas Trees
  • Bright LED lights add sparkle with minimal power consumption.
  • Sizes range from 4' to 12' with several color options.
  • Dazzle your neighbors with LED lightshow trees in your yard!
Starlight Spheres
Starlight Spheres
  • Create a celestial experience with outdoor light balls
  • Available in brilliant colors, incandescent or LED lights and diameters from 6-10 inches.
  • Hang Starlight Spheres from tree branches or above gathering spaces to add fun lighting anytime. Perfect for creating unique outdoor lighting.
LED Christmas Lights
LED Christmas Lights
  • LED Christmas Lights offer terrific energy efficiency, convenient installation and superior brightness.
  • Choose from LED Mini Lights, C7, C9, Net Lights, Icicle Lights and more.
  • Great for all Christmas decorating needs: trees, bushes, roof line.
Clear Christmas Mini Lights
Mini Lights
  • Advanced technology and convenient installation in a smaller bulb.
  • One light goes out, rest stay lit.
  • Exceptionally versatile lighting for holidays, weddings, and DIY craft projects.
C7 C9 Christmas replacement Bulbs
C7 / C9 Christmas Lights
  • C7 and C9 bulbs are a popular outdoor Christmas lights offering superior brightness.
  • Customize displays with LED or traditional C7/C9 bulbs or use pre lamped sets for fast installation.
  • Choose 1.5" C7 bulbs or larger 2.5" C9 bulbs for your roofline or walkway.
Christmas Pathway and Walkway Lights
Christmas Pathway Lights
  • Create inviting spaces and brighten walkways with our collection of designer pathway lights!
  • Available in traditional incandescent and LED options
  • Easily install to illuminate any outdoor path!
Icicle Lights
Icicle Lights
  • Create a wintry snowscape with quick-hanging icicle lights.
  • Various colors and styles in LED and incandescent icicles for a unique light display.
  • Hang icicle lights along rooflines and windows to create a winter wonderland.
Grand Cascade LED Icicle Light Tubes
Cascade Lights & Falling Rain Lights
  • Create eye catching displays with the dripping LED light effect of cascade lights and falling rain lights
  • Colorful cascading lights and molded icicle bulbs
  • High impact outdoor Christmas lights and event decor
Net Lights for Bushes
Net Lights and Tree Wraps
  • Net lights are the convenient, worry free solution to your outdoor decorating needs.
  • Available in a variety of bulb colors and sizes with options in incandescent and LED to suit any decor theme.
  • Create quick and uniform lighting for your holiday displays or at your next outdoor gathering when you drape net lights across bushes and shrubs or wrap them around trunks and branches.
Starlight Stakes
Starlight Stakes
  • Stunning Starlight Spheres on sturdy ivy wrapped stakes!
  • Available in our most popular 7.5 size with 100 long lasting, vividly colored mini lights.
  • Line walkways or create whimsical lighting anywhere outdoors with Starlight stakes!

Find your outdoor light strings and decorative holiday lighting all in one place! Forget sugar-plums, it's the glow from Christmas lights that your Christmas dreams are made of!

You can find everything you need our sizable selection of outdoor Christmas lights and decor. Choose holiday lights, decorations and motifs in traditional incandescent and energy efficient LED varieties. Step up the power in your display and create custom Christmas lights with ease when you pair our commercial grade lights strings and bulbs in a variety of colors and styles!

Outline your house with Christmas light strings, illuminate your walkway with pathway light kits and inspire imaginations with a lighted Santa motif in the yard! Light show trees, net lights and tree wraps provide festive lighting in no time for businesses and decorators on-the-go, while Starlight Spheres and LED Grand Cascade tubes suspended in trees mesmerize all who pass by your house.