Christmas Tree Toppers

Tree Topper Knowledge

Decorating Christmas trees hasn't always been popular. Strange, right? In fact, it wasn't until the late 19th century that tree decorating became more mainstream in America. While trees used ornaments, bows and ribbons, they often lacked a finishing touch at the top. Affluent homeowners could afford ornate decorating options for the tops of their trees, however mainstream America typically could not. This ushered in a new era of Christmas tree topper options that appealed to a wider diversity of people. Historically, tree toppers have been related to angels or stars, which are still very popular today. Santa and variations of St. Nick and Father Christmas characters have also become popular topper options. However, as more people get into the Christmas spirit and explore their own design themes there has been an explosion of tree topper options, including: finials, bows, sports team related toppers and pop culture character toppers for people that decorate their tree in themes. No matter what your style, there's a topper for you.

Angel Christmas Tree Topper with Ivory Gown and Gold Accents
Ivory Angel Topper with Gold Accents
Angel Christmas Tree Topper with Gold Gown
Gold Angel Tree Topper

Attention to detail and a wide variety of design options make Angel tree toppers an appealing option for numerous decorating styles. Gowns made out of silk, organza or burlap are often embellished with decorative appliques to support a range of design themes, including: traditional, whimsical, rustic, and modern. If your Christmas tree features traditional ornaments and white lights, choose an ivory or white angel tree topper to complete your classic tree design. Further enhance your Christmas tree by incorporating a ribbon color that coordinates with your angel's dress or embellishments. If you like the idea of an angel on top of the tree, but traditional isn't your style, a fiber optic angel tree topper is a perfect choice to pair with a modern design theme.

Star Tree Toppers

Star light, Star bright! The welcoming glow of a star perched atop the tree is one of the most iconic Christmas symbols and a cherished holiday memory for many. Star tree toppers, especially the Bethlehem star design, have long been considered a traditional Christmas tree decoration. The array of finishes available to complement traditional color palettes range from antiqued to polished providing decorators with a variety of options for achieving a desired look.

However, with modern updates such as sunburst and snowflake options, the star tree topper provides design appeal that extends far past traditional. For example, a sunburst capiz lighted star tree topper with gold, silver, and bronze accents would be an exquisite finish for a metallic color scheme. Alternatively, an LED color change star would pair perfectly on a tree strung with multicolor LED Christmas lights.

Love the beach? Create a coastal Christmas tree theme! Decorate with sea inspired ornaments and garland made out of shells, then top it off with a capiz star tree topper. Capiz is the thin shell of a marine mollusk which was once used for windows in houses before glass windows became available. Now, capiz is used in a variety of ways including Christmas tree toppers, jewelry, and other decorative items and fixtures!

Bow Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Bow Christmas tree toppers have recently been gaining popularity, particularly with the DIY crowd. The ability to customize ribbon colors to coordinate with any design theme is one of the bow's main appeals. Rustic themes, which often feature burlap accents are very trendy right now. To complete the look of a rustic themed tree while also adding an elegant finish, make a bow tree topper out of burlap and lace, then run the same materials you used in the topper throughout the tree to tie it all together! This look works best with classic clear or white Christmas tree lights. If your tree is strung with multicolor lights and decorated with colorful ornaments and whimsical accents, coordinate an equally vibrant and fun bow for the top.

Decorator's Tip - When the holiday season is over, stuff each loop of your bow with leftover tissue paper from wrapping presents or plastic bags. This will help to retain the shape of the bow until the next time you want to use it. For more ideas, visit our tree decorating guide!

Tried and True Tips

Tree Topper Selection and Placement

Where to start? Selecting a color scheme that coordinates with your existing room decor helps to ensure a flawless design, however don't be afraid to take risks by adding an accent color that pops or extra tree lights to customize your display. The next step is to select a theme for your tree such as angels, nutcrackers, snowflakes, or any other option that is special to you. Keep in mind that you want to maintain a cohesive design throughout your tree, so the theme you choose should apply to all decorative aspects, including the ornaments and tree topper.

Ideally, the distance between the ceiling and tree topper should be around 6" to 12". This will help to prevent the topper from not fitting properly or scraping your ceiling. Also, keep in mind your tree's shape and select a tree topper that is similar. Meaning, if you have a slender or slim tree the topper should be similar in shape and not overly bulky. For large, full trees choose a topper that is also large so as to make sure it is not dwarfed in comparison.

Along with height you also need to consider the weight of your topper. If a topper is too heavy the stem will not be able to support the weight which will cause it to fall off. The key to stability for any Christmas tree topper is making sure that it is placed securely at the top of the tree. This can be accomplished by folding down the tip of the stem so that it's half the size and help the topper fit down more securely. Here's a secret that the pros use that you might not have thought about before. Don't wait until last to place your Christmas tree topper on your tree. Why? By securing the tree topper after placing your lights and before adding the remaining decorations you will decrease the risk of knocking down and potentially breaking treasured ornaments in the process of trying to place the tree topper on your fully decorated tree.

Prelit Christmas Tree Decorated with a Bow Tree Topper