Commercial C7 / C9 Stringers with LED Bulbs

Our C7 and C9 commercial light sets allow you to customize your light strings with the theme of your event. Celebrate Christmas with red and green lights, or celebrate St. Patrick's Day with all green lights. For special occasions, choose warm white light strings. These vertisale light strings can be used for any celebration. Whatever the event there's sure to be a light color that is just perfect. After the party is over, save your light strings so you can add different bulbs for your next event.

LED bulbs are long lasting, with sturdy construction, nickel bases, and vivid, bright light. Socket wires are commercial grade, and sockets feature weep holes to drain water and snow and preserve bulb life. The LED technology ensures that these vivid light sets will shine brighter and last longer than their incandescent counterparts, while always remaining cool to the touch. The diamond faceted design of the bulbs reflects light in all directions, creating a wonderful color halo. Bulbs are made of durable acrylic resin that won't chip or crack so colors will remain brilliant for years to come.

Hang lights across roofs, fences, patios and porches outside. When decorating inside, wrap greenery, banisters, and trees as you prepare for Christmas or any occasion.