150' Clear Rope Light, 2 Wire 1/2", 12 Volt

This item (V14952) is not currently available for purchase.

  • 150' spool of Clear Incandescent rope light
  • 2-wire rope light, steady light display
  • Includes enough power accessories to create three separate runs of rope light
  • 12 bulbs per foot for maximum brightness
  • One-year warranty based on 90-day seasonal use
  • Low voltage 12 volt rope light runs off DC power through a battery or converter, and is ideal for boats, RVs, and parade floats
  • Bulbs have an average lifetime of 25,000 hours
  • Lights and wire are enclosed in heavy duty PVC tubing for protection and flexibility
  • Note: rope light spools can be cut, but cutting voids its certification because the rope light has been modified from its original manufacturing specifications
  • 2-wire rope light is the most popular rope light for general and holiday lighting
  • Engineered for consistent lighting from first bulb to last so your lights maintain the same vibrancy throughout the entire tube
  • Remove from spool before plugging in

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Reviewed by David R.
on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

150' Clear Rope Light, 2 Wire 1/2", 12 Volt

I returned this because I was given bad information three different times about the wire's specifications. I initially ordered thinking I knew that 12V rope lights have very short cut lengths. Then I found the additional detail specifications page online where it listed the cut length as 72 inches! I posted a message on the online chat feature asking about it thinking it was an error. I got no response to that message. The first business day after I ordered, I called and spoke with an agent who insisted that the 72" length was correct. She also said that my order had progressed past the point where it could be cancelled. Today, when UPS was scheduled to deliver the roll I asked again, this time by chat. The chat agent also assured me that the cut length was 72". Since that length is much too large a gap to be useful in my application I asked for an RMA. The chat agent was very helpful and provided me with a return shipping label. After that, I found and ordered a similar 12V product from a different vendor, but one that has only a 3-inch cut distance. Skip forward to the UPS package arriving tonight... I opened the box and looked at the ropelight roll and saw that the cut marks are about 4" apart-- which would have worked for me. The instruction sheet with the lights lists the cut length as 11.1 centimeters (just about 4 inches). The box with the lights and accessories are on their way back to UPS. My concern with ordering anything else from Christmas Lights etc. is that if something so important is incorrect on the website and cannot be verified correctly with customer service then what other information that the buyer is relying on may be incorrect?