RGB LED Multi-Function Christmas Light Ball, Fold Flat Black Frame

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Bring the full color of the holidays to your Christmas lights this year with this multicolor LED Christmas Light Ball. Each 5MM LED light is individually wrapped to the frame for an amazingly uniform appearance that looks fabulous even up close. The fold-flat frame assembles in seconds, then stores away with ease. Plus these light balls can be connected end-to-end. Eight function controller lets you cycle through: Fading and flashing RGB color rotation; Solid steady red, blue, green and purple; Mixed steady light blue with hints of green and blue; Mixed steady pastel of purple and light blue. Hang this light ball from branches, patios and porches, inside or out. The hollow center is ideal for filling with flowers, greenery, ribbon, or whatever your imagination comes up with. The dual-bar center post adds stability. The black frames all but disappears at night, leaving a globe of delightful color!

  • 16" Christmas light ball with 128 rgb multi-function lights LED lights
  • Fold-flat black frame sets up quickly, stores away efficiently
  • Connect up to 4 units end to end
  • 24 gauge wire, 24 volt, rated for indoor / outdoor use
  • If one light goes out, the rest stay lit
  • Long 158-inch leads make hanging easy, especially when hanging from overhangs and branches
  • RGB spheres not designed for multiple spheres to operate in unison
  • LED bulbs are built to withstand wear and tear and remain looking vivid and new
  • Twist proof bulbs prevent rotation during installation and storage for superior reliability
  • Sphere includes a heavy duty hanging hook

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