C7 / C9 Christmas Lights


Electrical accessories like bulk wire (also called zip cord), zip sockets and zip plugs are the building blocks you can use to create custom stringers to take your Christmas lights display to the next level. Place lights exactly where you want them - and no place else. Make custom runs of for the exact length you need, and lose the spaghetti bowl of extension cords. You're in control with zip plugs and zip wire, so you can have Christmas lights that look not only beautiful, but clean and professional too.

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You've seen them everywhere, although you may not realize it. Outlining rooftops at Christmas, like a welcome sign for Santa. Outlining driveways and walkways, as if to welcome friends and neighbors to your front door. Or glowing like candles in trees and greenery, celebrating the sacredness of the season. They're "C bulbs" - C7 and C9 Christmas lights, the "big bulb" lights that conjure warm memories of Christmases past even as they invite you to create new memories at Christmas today.

C7 Christmas light bulbs have E12 bases and are smaller than C9 bulbs. Because of their small size, C7 bulbs are popular for use indoors and on smaller residences like condos and townhomes. C7 bulbs can be wrapped around indoor trees and used to illuminate a festive mantel display. Outdoor uses include wrapping columns, railings and small bushes or outlining windows and door frames.

C9 Christmas light bulbs have E17 bases and are noticeably larger than C7s. They are especially eye catching from structures that are tall or further away, and perfect for large scale holiday displays. While C9 bulbs are regularly used to outline roofs and driveways, these bold lights have also become a popular alternative to globe patio lights for use during outdoor events and everyday backyard patio lighting.

If you're looking for the gold standard in Christmas lights, you've found them. OptiCore® bulbs from Wintergreen Lighting® feature thick polycarbonate lenses that not only make them virtually unbreakable, but give them a magical glow as the light from inside the bulb resonates through the lens. Available in diamond-faceted or smooth opaque lens styles, in a wide variety of colors and color combinations, these Christmas lights are designed to take the worst that winter can throw at them, and keep shining beautifully.

Vintage-style Edison bulbs evoke a special kind of Christmas nostalgia. Wintergreen Lighting® FlexFilament® Christmas light bulbs feature graceful, curved filaments lined with LED diodes, to give you a bulb packed with old-world charm, and all the advantages of modern LEDs. The PolyFlex PET lenses are shatterproof, yet lightweight, so you can use these bulbs anywhere worry-free. And the transparent lens lets all the Christmas cheer of that visible filament shine through.

So you want quality Christmas lights, but you want to keep an eye on the bottom line too? We've got you covered. These premium C7 and C9 Christmas light sets feature one-piece bulb/base construction that keeps water out so corrosion can't get in. They also feature shatter-resistant acrylic lenses. Available in all the Christmas colors you love, with 8" spacing and faceted lenses, these lights are a great option for anyone wanting to get in on the Christmas lights fun while staying on a budget.

Some holiday lighting projects present unique obstacles - the most common being unusual space measurements or configurations. Trying to figure out how many light strings you need while attempting to fit a string length that is either too large or too small into your space can be frustrating. The good news? There is a better way! E12 & E17 light strings and spools give you a wide array of choices in length, wire color, spacing between sockets, and more. Plus they can be cut to custom lengths for virtually any size space. Choose light strings and spools from 15-1000 feet in green, black and white wire colors with several socket spacing options to fit your needs. If you're trying to complete a DIY lighting project, outfit a large scale holiday light display or simply create neat lines along your roof, there is no shortage of selection here!

Zip plugs are one of the best kept secrets in Christmas lighting. With some bulk wire and a few of these little wonders, you can create custom power runs and light configurations that let you tackle even the toughest lighting projects. Mount zip plugs onto bulk wire (also known as zip cord) to place power taps exactly where you need them.

Designed to deliver power unobtrusively wherever you need it, our bulk wire is UL listed, 18-gauge electrical cord that ensures reliable Christmas light displays no matter the weather. Available in lengths from 100 to 1,000 ft, in green, black, white and brown, and in SPT1 or SPT2 insulation, there's a bulk wire product perfect for your lighting project. Just be sure to match SPT1 cord with SPT1 plugs, and SPT2 cord with SPT2 plugs

Mount Christmas lights wherever you want them like a pro with the help of C7 & C9 Christmas light clips and hangers. Choose from great options for hanging Christmas lights on gutters, installing Christmas lights on the roof or mounting pathway lights in the ground. One of the most popular options for hanging C7 & C9 lights is the All-In One clip, which allows the bulbs to face multiple directions and can be used on both shingles and gutters