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Kringle Traditions LED Christmas Lights
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Merry, Bright, & Beautiful LED Christmas Lights

When customers ask us which bulb is the brightest, Kringle Traditions® LED light bulbs are the answer! These commercial grade light bulbs feature dual SMD LED technology which makes them incredibly bright. They're also shatterproof and infused with rich color that results in an exceptionally vivid & highly saturated hue. Make your Christmas merry & bright with Kringle Tradiitons C7 & C9 LED Lights!

Kringle Traditions LED Light Bulbs
Kringle Traditions LED Light Bulbs

Kringle Traditions® LED Roof & Pathway Lights

The most awe-inspiring outdoor light displays, now in your own front yard! Hang C7 & C9 Kringle Traditions LED light bulbs in solid colors or themed patterns along your roof & stake them around your yard to create bright, eye catching outdoor Christmas light displays.

Kringle Traditons Christmas Roof Lights
Kringle Traditons Christmas Pathway Lights

Guide guests to your home and brighten your entire yard with Kringle Traditions Christmas pathway lights. C7 & C9 Kringle Traditions LED light bulbs look beautiful and stand out from far distances when placed on stakes and used to outline your yard, driveway, pathways, and landscape countours.

Kringle Traditions® C7 & C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

Kringle Traditions LED Light Bulbs

C7 Christmas Light Bulbs have E12 bases and are smaller than C9 bulbs. Because of their small size, C7 bulbs are popular for use both indoors and outside on smaller residences like condos and townhomes. Wrap C7 Kringle Traditions LED light bulbs around indoor Christmas trees or use them to illuminate a festive mantel display. Outdoor uses include wrapping columns, railings, and small bushes or outlining windows and door frames.

C9 Christmas Light Bulbs have E17 bases and are noticeably larger in size than C7 light bulbs. As a result, C9 Kringle Traditions light bulbs appear even brighter and are especially eye catching when installed on structures that are very tall or far away, making this bulb size perfect for outdoor Christmas decorating. While C9 bulbs are regularly used to outline roofs and driveways for Christmas, these bold lights are becoming increasingly more popular year round at outdoor events and as backyard patio lighting.

Kringle Traditions LED Christmas Lights