Blue Christmas Lights

A Calming Glow....Blue Christmas Lights Inspire Peaceful Nights

In the world of Christmas lights, "feeling blue" takes on a whole new meaning and the more blue there is the more beautiful the scene becomes! It's impossible to feel anything but happy when surrounded by the bright glow of blue lights during the holidays, especially when they're paired with other colors like green, white, red, and even purple or pink! Red and green are hallmark hues of the Christmas season, however blue can be found all around us too and in some of the most beautiful settings. A fresh blanket of snow on the ground takes on a slightly bluish tone and a hint of blue can even be seen in the needles of some of the most beloved Christmas tree varieties.

Blue and white often paired with accents of silver is one of the most popular color combinations for decorating indoor trees and outdoor Christmas light displays. This color combination is reminiscent of fresh snow and winter wonderland scenes, which is what makes it so special and popular. Blue is also used on its own and in various combinations for a variety of other holidays, causes and events. We've noted a few special occasions perfect for blue below.

  • Fourth of July
  • Earth Day
  • Hanukkah
  • Autism Awareness
  • Baby Showers
  • Weddings
  • Sport Events
  • School Events

Not all blue lights are created equal. As within nature, there are a variety of blue tones to choose from when selecting blue lights. Shades of blue in lighting can range from a deep sapphire glow to a bright blue/green variety. As a rule of thumb, blue LED lights generally produce a more rich & vivid light tone and have more bulb styles to choose from than their incandescent counterparts, however there are a few color shades like teal and sky blue within incandescent bulbs that are not available in LED. In addition to visual differences, the choice between LED or incandescent lights often comes down to budget and the type of display. For long term, larger lighting projects the extended life, energy efficiency and durability of LED lights is preferred, however if you plan to hang just a few strings of blue lights periodically throughout the year, incandescent might be just what you need. Our outline of blue light shades below should help you find the perfect match for your decorating needs.

Blue LED Lights - Blue LEDs are very vivid and product a bright, sapphire blue light. Faceted light bulbs will have more variation in color tone due to shadowing within the bulb, whereas transparent bulb lenses offer an unimpeded view into the light source within, making them generally brighter in appearance. Pair blue LEDs with cool white during Christmas to create a winter wonderland themed display or with red and white in the summer as the perfect patriotic addition to your patio or pool area. A less common and underappreciated combination of LEDs is that of blue with green, this unexpected light pairing casts a gorgeous aqua glow and can work in both summer and winter light displays.

Incandescent Blue Lights - From sapphire to sky blue to teal, blue incandescent lights have a stunning range of blue tones to choose from! The darkest shades of blue incandescent lights are noticeably lighter and less saturated than their LED counterparts but they are no less beautiful. With the exception of opaque bulbs, incandescent lights have transparent lenses which allow the interior filament to shine through creating an electric effect. For people who love incandescent lights, this visible filament is often the reason why! If you are interested in this look but prefer LED lighting, you'll find the perfect mix of advanced technology and vintage style design in our FlexFilament™ LED lights.

Blue Smooth/Opaque Bulbs - Both LED and incandescent bulbs with smooth/opaque lenses produce a slightly paler blue light than their faceted and transparent counterparts. As an added bonus, their colorful coating is aesthetically pleasing and allows these bulbs to function as a decorative accent during the day until they're needed for their ambiance in the evening.

Decorating with Blue Lights

Now that you're familiar with the different styles and shades of blue lights available, it's time to start thinking about how to put all of these beautiful decorations to use in your home! Although blue lights are most popular during Christmas and Fourth of July, you can always add a few blue lights to your everyday spaces to create a relaxing atmosphere any time of year. From the bedroom to your backyard patio and everywhere in between, there's a space in your home just waiting to be filled with calming blue tones! If you love blue, chances are you'll be inspired by at least one of our blue light decorating ideas below.

Blue Light Decorating Ideas

  • Place blue battery operated LED lights in table centerpiece displays, vases or flower pots to brighten up any special event.
  • Decorate your bushes with blue net lights for a beautiful glow in your yard during Christmas.
  • Hang blue icicle lights off your front porch or fence to create a winter wonderland in your front yard even if you don't have snow!
  • Line your house, driveway, or yard with blue C7 & C9 lights for a serene atmosphere. You can also string these lights anywhere for a touch of color!
  • Hang blue Christmas light balls across your porch or from tree branches. Mix in other colors to create a themed display or a colorful forest of light.
  • Wrap trees, bushes and columns with blue mini lights to fill your yard with stunning color.
  • Decorate for holidays and parties by hanging blue snowflake decorations and star lights from tree branches, across the porch or even inside above the mantel!
  • Use blue rope light to wrap around outdoor structures, outline a room, line the yard or driveway, light up parade floats and so much more!
  • Have some summer time fun and decorate your boat, dock, pool or beach house with striking blue lights!
Decorating with Blue Lights