C7 C9 Christmas Lights Video Series

C7 and C9 Christmas Bulb Size Comparison Video

Compare C7 and C9 Christmas light sizes to determine which bulb size is right for your application.

LED vs Incandescent Lights Video

Benefits in LED vs Incandescent Christmas lights include energy saving, cool to the touch, and long lasting. Watch our video to learn why everyone is switching to LED lights!

LED Retrofit Bulbs vs LED Light Strings Video

LED Retrofit bulbs screw into existing Christmas light stringers - see what sets Retrofit bulbs apart from prelamped LED light strings.

Ideas in Christmas Light Patterns Video

Christmas color themes keep outdoor light displays looking fresh and exciting. Watch our Christmas light video discussing popular light patterns to get new ideas for outlining your roof or lawn this holiday season.

White LED vs Clear Christmas Lights Video

Updating Christmas bulbs to LED lights offers additional color options. Watch our video to see the difference between clear incandescent bulbs and the newer Warm White and Cool White LEDs.

Animated Grand Cascadeâ„¢ and Falling Icicles Visual

Cool Grand Cascadeâ„¢ and Falling Icicles have random falling patterns and multiple color and bulb options to increase the power of your lights display this season. Place these LED tubes and icicles in trees, hang from rooflines, etc.

Cool Twinkle and Color Change LED Christmas Lights Visual

Add some flash to Christmas light schemes with twinkle lights or cool color change LED bulbs, featuring slow color morphing bulbs and quick color change patterns.

How to Determine Bulb Spacing Needs Video

Proper bulb spacing in decorative light strings has a great impact on the appearance of outdoor holiday displays. Watch how to choose a bulb spacing that fits the scale of your home and property.

Christmas Yard Stakes Video

Outline walkways and driveways by securing C7 and C9 bulbs into lawn stakes this Christmas season, and welcome friends and family with a walkway of lights.